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Eguzkiteka - Summer Library at La Concha!

Today at 11:30 I've presented a press conference where the Summer Library: Eguzkiteka was presented. "Eguzki" means "sun" in Basque, so the name sounds wonderful to me! The new project was presented by Eneko Goia, the mayor of San Sebastían and by Arantxa Urkia, the director of Municipal Library.

The library will be open every day from 11:00 to 19:30 and it's a nice space at La Concha Beach, under the pillars (where disco Rotonda used to be). As Arantxa Urkia has explained: one can stay directly there, in a nice chair or on a fake grass and read books, magazines or daily newspapers (in Basque, Spanish, French or English), or take a book away to the beach. In that second case it's enough to complete some short questionnaire and the book would have to be returned by 19:00 the same day and if one hasn't finished reading it,  there is a possibility of reserving it for the next day. There is a nice corner for kids and a separate space for adults.

Also, the daily newspapers are available in all 4 languages, but those have to be read without leaving the library.

At the moment the project is confirmed for July and August with 700 books availbale. Its future depends on its reception by tourists and the citizens. But it's hard not to agree with Eneko Goia, who said: "It's a new offer in a summery place, where also culture needs its space".

Today is an inauguration and all day long (until 16:30) there will be a public reading of "Robinson Crusoe" and at 17:00 "Cuenta Cuentos" for kids.

That last activity will be repeated daily at the same time. If you are interested, son't hesitate to visit it and see it with your own eyes: he view from there is also amazing! You can meet our Donostia Book Club at the pulic reading between 15:30 and 16:30. See you there!